Chrysalis Crisis

How Life’s Ordeals Can Lead to Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Chrysalis Crisis: How Life's Ordeals Can Lead to Personal & Spiritual Transformation Chrysalis Crisis explains how you can use your life ordeals to bring about personal and spiritual growth. Like the butterfly that struggles to free its wings from the chrysalis cocoon, it can be a struggle to let go of the lingering effects of a crisis. But just as the butterfly’s struggle to release its wings also strengthens them for flight, the struggle for growth after a crisis can contribute to personal transformation, and strengthen your flight through life.

Such outcomes are possible when ten key areas of human growth are developed. These ten key areas cover a broad range of human functioning. They include your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and moral development; your identity, intimacy, and existential growth; and your intuitive and spiritual evolution.

Chrysalis Crisis examines each of these ten key areas through the use of case examples drawn from clients in my clinical practice, ordeals of people near to me, and from lessons learned from my own crises.

Most of the stories tell of crises that will be familiar, but some depict crises that will stretch your imagination. They tell of ordeals that arose from psychic and other mysterious experiences. However, all offer something important to learn, and each does so by focusing on the various areas of growth they effect.

Yet despite the variety of crises and the diversity of growth they promote, Chrysalis Crisis is an easy book to read. It’s written in a layman friendly manner and communicated in a conversational tone. The stories are poignant, captivating, and occasionally sprinkled with humor. Their purpose is always practical and educational.

Whether you’ve undergone you own crisis or are just seeking knowledge in pursuit of continued development, you will find this book packed with many useful insights. That’s because Chrysalis Crisis is intended to enlighten: It serves as a virtual “how to” for gaining personal and spiritual evolution, and attaining a life of happiness and peace.

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Chrysalis Crisis provides a treasure trove of wisdom and practical insights gleaned from several decades of enlightened and reflective psychotherapy by a leading clinical psychologist. Against the backdrop of his own instructive life experiences, Frank Pasciuti deftly weaves a tapestry of sage analysis in sharing and integrating deep lessons through stories of people coming into the true purpose of their lives, many driven by the challenges of hardship — the engine that strengthens us most as human beings. Brilliant work!”
Eben Alexander MD
Neurosurgeon and author of Proof of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe

“In Chrysalis Crisis, psychotherapist Frank Pasciuti provides a majestic analysis of how life’s challenges can lead to psychological and spiritual transformation. This is a remarkable, inspiring book by an eminently wise, compassionate expert.  I can think of no one who will not benefit from it.  Highly recommended!”
Larry Dossey, MD
Author of One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

“When a psychological crisis intrudes into the domain of the so-called “paranormal,” the conventional reaction in healthcare usually involves alarm bells, orderlies in white coats, and heavy duty medication. But sometimes other treatments are far more effective. Sometimes the bewildering, hair-raising experiences that seem to violate commonsense can also presage enormously positive transformative breakthroughs. After 40 years as a clinical psychologist, Frank Pasciuti learned how to differentiate between the abnormal and the supernormal. In Chrysalis Crisis, he explains why that distinction is vitally important.”
Dean Radin, Ph.d.
Chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and Associate Distinguished Professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Author of Supernormal, Entangled Minds, and The Conscious Universe.

“In Chrysalis Crisis, Dr. Frank Pasciuti provides techniques for turning life crises into growth opportunities, spicing his guidance liberally with concrete examples from his clients’ struggles and from his own. This book will be helpful for both counselors and for people facing critical life junctures. But people not currently in crisis will also appreciate this insightful blend of wisdom and compassion; I know I did. Chrysalis Crisis is an invaluable guide to living a more enriched and fulfilling life.”
Bruce Greyson, M.D.
Professor Emeritus of psychiatry at the University of Virginia. Co-author of Irreducible Mind

“In crisis there is opportunity! Dr. Frank Pasciuti wisely elaborates on this ancient idea. He leads progressively through life’s major challenges in the physical, the psychological and then the spiritual. Through carefully drawn portraits of his therapy patients and his own poignant illustrations, he shows us how to turn the terrifying events of our lives into psycho-spiritual transformation.”
Bernard Beitman, M.D.
Former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri. Author of Connecting with Coincidence

“Dotted with rich case histories, this accessible book explores a big idea: The crises of life are also opportunities for transformation. Dr. Pasciuti gives his readers precious pointers toward learning how to convert their crises into creative advance.”
Michael Grosso, Ph.D.
Philosopher and author of Wings of Ecstasy