The Wizard of Id

Chrysalis Crisis CharlottesvilleThe Wizard of Id

Pull back the curtain, expose the façade,
the emperor’s wearing no clothes.
Are you blinded by fear, overlooking what’s real,
not seeing what’s under your nose?

Intended appeals to your animal drives
will seduce your support for what’s wrong.
But a price will be paid for accepting the false
when your ears become deaf to truth’s song.

Don’t let your attention be drawn to the side,
that magician has skills that were honed.
He’ll distract you while dealing from under the deck,
beware if you’re trust what he moans.

He’ll sell you on one point, reverse what he states,
profess what’s convenient to say.
He’ll tell you that daylight is actually fake,
when shadows are taken away.

To knowingly tolerate lies and untruth,
your conscience will slowly erode.
You’ll muddy the compass that points you towards good,
get morally lost down the road.

Frank Pasciuti

One chapter in my forthcoming book is on moral growth. It’s called Driving Blind and deals with the influences that lead people to do or support what they “know” is wrong. It also defines what contributes to moral development, and what can muddy the clarity of your moral compass.

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